About the film

Finnish broadcaster Nelonen airs the Finnish version of globally known tv-series Survivor (Selviytyjät in Finnish). Becouse of the global corona virus pandemic, the new season was filmed in the rough and cold North of Finland. We created very Nordic themed films for Nelonen to promote their new upcoming season, Selviytyjät Suomi Pohjola.

We produced 35″ main film with all the 16 competitors, making also four shorter 15″ cutdowns to concentrate on different competitors and one 10″ general version. With the social media platforms in mind, all the films were created in multiple aspect ratios.

To promote the competitors, and the new upcoming season, we created a 10″ video of each competitor to be used in digital outdoor advertising and social media. This was done with second camera unit during the filming of the main film. Still photos were also taken at the same time.